The story of

Samson The Dog

German Shepherds are so smart, loyal, confident and courageous.

Dutch Shepherds are intelligent, alert, lively and athletic. Originating from the Netherlands and known for being used for herding and protection.

Combine those features with good training and a gorgeous coat of fur and now you have a recipe for the most amazing companion.

Samson is currently 6 months old.  He is so energetic and attentive.  Many years of owning different breeds of dogs, this sweet boy has kept me on my toes more than any other.

He’s smart enough to know what not to do, even without being told. However, if I do not comply with his request for attention, he does what he knows he’s not supposed to.  Frustration but clearly proves he’s a bit sharper than I’m used to a dog being.

Samson's Favorite Things

It was an ongoing debate with the husband and I. He is completely against pets on the furniture. I, however, love to snuggle with my pup on the couch. Samson especially loves this as well.

As expected, this sweet boy loves to eat good food and treats!

Whether it is a rope toy, a squeaky animal or a sock he is not supposed to have, Samson loves to play tug of war.

Puppies go through their teething process.  So they need some stimulation on their gums. Plus dogs just love to chew things its seems.

Running to get a ball, chew ring or another toy seems to be of utmost excitement. for Samson.

We usually try not to leave our dogs home alone for long. When we do get home Samson is so excited to see us.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep him from piddling or jumping on us. We are working on training him to not get quite that excited and wait for us to bed down to pet him and take him out to the yard to play or go for a walk. I must admit one of my favorite things about coming home is seeing his happy face and tail wagging and get a few hugs in.